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Our Story: Elevating Every Age
In the heart of every individual is a timeless spirit, one that desires to live fully, vibrantly, and independently, regardless of age. At Next Level Aging and Wellness, we embarked on our journey with a vision: to change the narrative around aging and redefine what the golden years can truly mean.

Where Passion Meets Purpose

Our founder witnessed firsthand how traditional physical therapy limited many active adults. They were being prepared to “cope” rather than “thrive.” This sparked a vision: a place that went beyond rehabilitation, focusing on proactive wellness, vibrancy, and embracing life’s golden opportunities.

The Next Level Difference

In-depth Understanding

We aren’t just experts in aging; we’re enthusiasts of its potential. We’ve delved deep into the science and spirit of aging to develop approaches that genuinely resonate.

Holistic Wellness Approach

Beyond physical vitality, we look at emotional, mental, and social well-being, ensuring a 360-degree elevation of your life.

Tailored to You

Each person's journey with age is unique. Our plans, therapies, and recommendations are as individual as you are.

Our Promise to You

In every interaction, every therapy session, every shared laugh or moment of encouragement, our commitment remains unshaken. We promise to walk with you, championing your aspirations, celebrating your milestones, and paving the way for a life where age isn’t a limitation but an invitation.

Dr. Jack Wong, Owner | PT, DPT

Dr. Jack Wong is the owner and founder of Next Level Physical Therapy and has been helping people stay active, healthy and mobile since 2012. He is the author of the bestselling book Aging Stronger and received his Doctorate Of Physical Therapy from Touro College.

Next Level Physical Therapy was founded by Dr. Jack Wong to help clients achieve active and healthy lives and prevent them from the downward spiral of frequent doctor visits, hospitalizations, surgery and dependence on pain medications. Using a combination of mindfulness and body awareness, Next Level Physical Therapy has created a holistic and innovative approach to physical therapy and personalized fitness & health promotion to provide a one-stop clinic to help you stay active and independent..

Dr. Wong specializes in helping people aged 40+ become independent by promoting healthy habits that improve mobility and reduce pain levels. After observing many patients not making significant improvements under the traditional medical care system, Dr. Wong decided to open a clinic where he could revolutionize physical therapy and health & wellness treatment methods..

Dr. Wong has gained recognition in the Houston community as a leading specialist Physical Therapist and the Next Level Physical Therapy Team is recognized as one of the best Health & Wellness Clinics in the Houston area.​


Dr. Jorgeson Lucero | PT, DPT

Jorgeson Lucero is a first-generation Hispanic who was born and raised on the Eastside of Houston, TX. Jorgeson received his Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of New England in Portland, Maine. He has a strong passion to help patients in his community to the best of his ability. This is why he spends his free time keeping himself updated with the latest research and volunteering at community events. Jorgeson enjoys spending time with family and has been an athlete his whole life playing a combined 7 sports in his lifetime. He hopes to help anyone and everyone achieve their goals and get them pain-free. Jorgeson is a bilingual Physical Therapist and is able to accept patients who speak English and/or Spanish.

Jorgeson Lucero es un Hispano de primera generación que nació y creció en el este de Houston, TX. Jorgeson recibió su Licenciatura en Kinesiología de la Universidad de Texas en San Antonio, y obtuvo su Doctorado en Terapia Física de la Universidad de Nueva Inglaterra en Portland, Maine. Tiene una gran pasión por ayudar a la gente de su comunidad de la mejor manera posible. Por eso, dedica su tiempo libre a mantenerse actualizado con los últimos artículos de investigación y a ser voluntario en eventos comunitarios. A Jorgeson le gusta pasar tiempo con su familia y ha sido atleta toda su vida, practicando un total de 7 deportes. Espera ayudar a todos a alcanzar sus objetivos y liberarlos del dolor. Jorgeson es un Doctor de Terapia Física bilingüe y puede aceptar pacientes que hablen inglés y/o español.


Ryan Pond, Operations Manager

Born and raised in Texas, Ryan moved to Houston in July 2009 from the small (at the time) town of Brenham. He is a storyteller through and through, and when he isn’t telling the story of Next Level Physical Therapy he is probably listening to a podcast or buried in a book somewhere. Growing up he was an avid reader, technology enthusiast, writer, gamer, musician, camera man, adventurer, and bard. Nowadays he lives on the Northside of Houston with his family; his wife, Ana, and their five children. When you stop in the clinic, don’t forget to ask him about coffee or comics if you have a few hours to waste. Or give him a snack and he will probably go away (disclaimer: We don’t encourage feeding the staff).


John Bernardo, Assistant Video Editor And Graphic Designer

Meet John, our assistant video editor and graphic designer. Hailing all the way from the Philippines, John’s international background adds a unique and diverse perspective to our practice.

In fact, John’s artistic prowess has gained recognition beyond his design work. He was featured on a prime time television news program for his tagline creation. The program showcased his fun and relatable piece titled ‘Nagmahal, Nasaktan, ___,’ leaving a lasting impact on viewers nationwide.

John’s talents don’t end there! When he’s not editing or honing his skills, you can find him strumming a lead guitar at a local church, using music to inspire and uplift others.


Dara Lopez, Patient Care Coordinator

Dara is a virtual assistant who works remotely from the Philippines, where she was born and raised. She’s the youngest of four sisters. She has always been a speaker and she has won many accolades for her leadership abilities. She managed a variety of academic club positions, student body organizations, and religious groups. Speaks so much about her love for helping people!

Nowadays, she spends so much time on her mini vlogs, taking photographs, exploring life, and having mini adventures. Eighty percent of the time, she will be the one to respond to your inquiries while sitting at her desk all the way from the Philippines! Isn’t that cool?


Cristina “Tina” Garcia, Patient Care Coordinator

Fondly called “Tina” by her friends and colleagues, she was born in Laguna and grew up in Manila, Philippines. Having had a diverse professional background in the banking and BPO industries, she has gained extensive experience in customer and business support. Naturally inclined to lend a helping hand, she finds great satisfaction in providing assistance to customers.

In regard to her personal life, it is undeniable that she is an affectionate and nurturing mother to her sole child, a son. Outside of work, she derives great pleasure from cooking and creating her own versions of various dishes. Additionally, she finds solace and fulfillment in tending to her garden during weekends, as a means of achieving work-life balance. Her greatest source of happiness lies in witnessing her son savor and appreciate every food she prepares.


Join Us in the Journey

With every step, let's embrace the potential of now and the promise of tomorrow. Experience the Next Level difference. Let's celebrate life's golden opportunities together.

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