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3 Strength Training Exercises That Will Stop Shoulder Pain

Strength is an important component of building healthy and strong shoulders. If you’re dealing with shoulder pain here are three exercises you can do to help minimize shoulder pain.

Strengthening rotator cuff muscles is essential for healthy and pain-free shoulders. Here’s a couple that you can do if you have any resistance bands at home.
I’m going to put this in the doorway and pull the door closed to create an anchor point. This exercise here is called external rotation and we’re strengthening the rotator cuff muscles that are in the posterior aspect of the shoulder as we pull the band across our body.

You want to pull out away from the body and then come back into the torso. I have a towel rolled underneath my elbow. This is just to help keep things in alignment in order to bias the muscles that we want to work here.

On the flip side of that, what I was working on earlier was external rotation and this one’s internal rotation. This is working your muscles that are on the opposite side of that shoulder as you pull the band toward your body. Same thing here, I have the towel rolled just to put me in better alignment to my shoulder and now I’m pulling from here to my stomach.

You may find that this exercise is actually easier than the other one. If you want to increase tension to give yourself some of a challenge then go ahead and get a higher resistance band.

Strengthening scapular muscles is what’s important in healthy shoulders and helping minimize pain. Now we are going to do general rows with a resistance band. These are targeting muscles in between your shoulder blades as you’re pulling backwards.

As you’re pulling straight back, you’re going in this straight plane with the band. You don’t want to go up or down, just straight backwards. This exercise will help you minimize shoulder pain.

Hopefully you learned some helpful tips from our previous videos through different ways to stretch and strengthen the shoulder. As I mentioned previously, the shoulder joint is such a complex joint that there’s so many different things that can be going on inside of it.
If you’re still dealing with shoulder pain, physical therapy can be a good solution for you. All of our contact info is under the contact tab .


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