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Here Are 3 Ways To Loosen and Alleviate Pain In The Shoulder Joint

If you’re having pain and difficulty with reaching, or trying to get your hands overhead, here’s one stretch that you can try. It requires a rolling chair of some sort. If you have any type of rolling office chair or stool at home you can replicate the same thing.

Sit in a stationary chair and place your hands on the rolling chair. Then press your arms down and away from you as if you’re rolling forward. This causes your shoulder blades and back to stretch as the rolling chair moves away from you. This is a stretch that you can implement in order to help you reach up, and you can just work the rolling chair back and forth. You can do a hold if you’d like at the very end or if you want just working on your general mobility here you can just work that back and forth.

If you’re having tightness in the front of your shoulders this is a really simple stretch that you can do to address that. You can use any doorway you have at home line up your hands about where your shoulders are at the edge of the doorway. Take one step in and do a 10 second hold. Ideally do a 20 second hold but if you’re just initiating this you can try a 10 second hold and then you want to take a step in. Hold here and as you hold you can feel the stretch across the front of your chest.

Hopefully you learned some helpful tips from our previous blogs and different ways to stretch the shoulder. As i mentioned in the previous blog, the shoulder joint is such a complex joint that there’s so many different issues that can be going on inside.

If you’re still dealing with pain today, physical therapy can be a good solution to help you get back to doing the things that matter most to you. Feel free to reach out to us so that we can help you take the next steps in addressing your shoulder pain.


Dr. Jack Wong

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