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Physical Therapy during the Pandemic?

The  biggest question in the COVID-19 era for clinics is hands down “Are you open?” or “Is PT necessary, or can it be put ‘on hold’ during the pandemic?”  Not all patients nowadays are comfortable with in-person PT during the pandemic. However, don’t delay physical therapy! Unfortunately, patients are often coming to the clinic after their pain has been going on for a while. It’s advisable to not allow a small or big injury turn into something serious by not getting help at the right time. Chronic low back pain for example is a common ailment experienced by Americans. People have had to miss work or a fun activity due to low back pain. However, prior to that big episode, they were experiencing twinges maybe the day before, or several days.

Either way, those twinges were warning signs, the call to action. Once the twinge is gone, the brain tells us that all is now good and go ahead and forget about it.  The warning sign is forgotten, the patterns that were causing the pain to start in the first place remain, and not surprisingly, the pain comes back – only this time, it stays longer.  It has settled in now, and it interferes with all of your activities and disrupts every aspect of your life. to get PT! Pain is a protective instinct that tells our brain that there’s something wrong. 

If you treat those “twinges” with physical therapy before chronic low back pain, that constant phase of pain could be avoided all together. People who are in pain or who are recovering from surgery and are functionally limited need to move. So physical therapy is very important. For those who don’t need hands-on PT, can have PT done virtually at home which is also very beneficial.

​Physical therapy shouldn’t be avoided because there’s a pandemic. Seek treatment today to avoid bigger problems in the future. We are here for you!

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