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Shoulder Pain and Limited Range of Motion Getting in the Way of Summer Fun?

The shoulder joint is actually one of the most mobile joints in the body. There are seventeen different muscles that surround the shoulder joint complex.

I say “complex” because people often think of the shoulder joint where the arm meets the collar bone. Your shoulder joint complex involves the shoulder blade, shoulder joint, and the clavicle.

These all play a role in giving your shoulder the mobility it needs.

With the amount of structures that surround the shoulder there can be several causes of inflammation. The muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bone can all be culprits. The three most common diagnoses for shoulder pain are rotator cuff, shoulder impingement, and frozen shoulder.

Those three are the most common diagnoses, but not the only ones.

If you are dealing with shoulder pain it’s best that you seek out a healthcare professional. They can point you in the right direction to get your shoulder back in motion.

Hopefully you have learned some helpful tips from our videos and blog posts, but as I mentioned the shoulder joint is a complex joint.

There’s so many different issues that can go on inside of it.

Download our free shoulder pain guide under the pain help now dropdown above to get started. This guide is designed to teach you some simple pain relief stretches and exercises.

If you work through the guide and are still having shoulder pain then physical therapy can be a good solution for you. You can find all our contact information using the contact dropdown above. Request a discovery visit so that we can give you clarity about your specific shoulder pain.


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