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These patients started with a simple conversation with a physical therapist (and look how happy they are now…)

Mary J.

“I found myself in the unfortunate position of having multiple surgeries (15) on my left knee effecting both legs and being in bed for weeks at a time and in need of physical therapy to strengthen muscles and keep all areas from deteriorating, I found Jack to be invaluable to me as he explained everything I was going though why I needed to strengthen my muscles and to keep my body in top shape, because of multiple surgeries Jack was not my first PT but the first to be the most effective.”

Patty G.

“I fractured my patella mid-March and having never broken a bone in my body, I was a bit worried about the recovery process. I had nothing to worry about. I recently went for my orthopedic doctor follow up and he said that I am healing faster than most. I credit this all to Dr. Wong for providing me with all the tools I needed in order to succeed. I set out small goals for myself and Dr. Wong’s dedication and patience helped me to successfully accomplish them. He is overall a great physical therapist but an even better person.”

Llyod K.

“I went to see Dr. Jack Wong on a recommendation of friend. Years ago I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder to repair a bad tear of my supraspinatus tendon. I never fully regained my strength and was now experiencing pain and stiffness in my shoulder when I lifted my arm. Dr. Wong recommended and lead my through a series of strength building exercises using a combination of special rubber bands, dumbbells, and other exercises. He also used a new technique (to me) called MPS – Micro Current Point Stimulation, to relieve the pain and break up the scar tissue causing the stiffness and pain. After six sessions, I noticed I real improvement in my shoulder strength, as well as stiffness and pain almost eliminated. I have been able to return to the gym and continue to use the exercises Dr. Wong recommended. I highly recommend Dr. Jack Wong.”

Joanie S.​

“My son went to Jack for back and leg pain and got immediate relief after just 1 MPR treatment, something acupuncture could not do. After several more treatments he is happily back to normal. I am seeing Jack for shoulder stiffness and pain and inflammation from Rhematoid Arthritis and have noticed significant improvements. Jack is very knowledgeable and courteous and is very driven to help you improve no matter what your condition. I am so grateful for MPR and for Jack letting my body heal itself with the cutting edge treatment.”