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Your Golden Stories, Our Shared Successes

Every story we're part of is a testament to the transformative power of a life lived fully, no matter the age. Join us as we celebrate our community’s victories and adventures, illustrating the very essence of Next Level Aging and Wellness.
Gary McIntire’s Journey: From Bedridden to Living Pain-Free
Meet Gary McIntyre, a patient who battled severe back pain, to the point of being bedridden, because of his long-hour desk job. His life took a turn for the better when he discovered Dr. Wong’s physical therapy. Against all odds and the initial suggestions of surgery, Gary, with the help of Dr. Wong, embarked on a non-invasive, drug-free path towards recovery. Today, Gary is living a pain-free life, enjoying sports, and participating in activities he had given up on. His transformation story continues to inspire others to explore alternative, holistic solutions to health problems.
The Ramirez’s Journey: A Success Story of Rapid Recovery Post Double Knee Replacement
Meet Bonita and Luis Ramirez, a couple who found hope and recovery at Next Level Physical Therapy. Faced with the daunting task of navigating Luis’s double knee replacement surgery, they sought a solution that would accommodate their schedules and ensure optimal recovery. Next Level PT surpassed their expectations, not only fitting into their routine but also delivering unparalleled care and remarkable recovery progress. Their journey is a testament to the transformative power of individualized attention, innovative therapies like needleless acupuncture, and the unwavering commitment to patient well-being at Next Level PT. Their story encourages those seeking physical therapy not to be limited by past experiences, but to explore the quick and exceptional results possible at Next Level PT.
Stephanie’s Success Story: Overcoming Chronic Lower Back Pain with Next Level Physical Therapy
Experience the inspiring journey of Stephanie Wilkes, who triumphed over debilitating lower back pain with the help of Next Level Physical Therapy. Learn how Dr. Wong’s unique, personalized therapy method empowered Stephanie to regain her fitness lifestyle. Dive into her success story to understand the potential of specialized physical therapy.
Dawn’s Breakthrough: A Car Accident Survivor’s Recovery Journey
Meet Dawn Samuels, a resilient car accident survivor who transformed her life through Next Level Physical Therapy. After six months of unsuccessful chiropractic treatments, Dawn turned to us for help. Impressed by Dr. Wong’s excellent bedside manners and unique therapeutic techniques, she decided to embark on her journey to recovery with us. Today, she confidently manages her pain through exercise and therapy, and even enjoys dancing again. Read on to discover Dawn’s inspirational story and find out why she strongly recommends Next Level Physical Therapy to everyone.
Lisa’s Journey: From Chronic Pain to Healing with MPS Treatment
Meet Lisa, a chronic neck and shoulder pain sufferer who discovered transformative healing through MPS Treatment. After years of trying numerous remedies, chiropractic treatments, and pain management methods, Lisa found our holistic approach as her “last hope.” Lisa’s journey from constant discomfort to a pain-free existence showcases the incredible healing potential of personalized, holistic treatment methods. Now, Lisa confidently recommends Next Level Physical Therapy to anyone seeking lasting relief from chronic pain.
Robert Carter: A Journey from Debilitating Pain to Renewed Mobility
At age 68, Robert Carter came to us struggling with chronic hip pain that disrupted his sleep and made walking a challenge. Fears about physical therapy were prevalent, fed by horror stories from friends. Enter our dedicated physical therapist, Jack. A blend of personalized treatment, empathetic care, and innovative exercises transformed Robert’s life, taking his pain from a crippling eight or nine to a manageable one or two. Today, Robert not only walks without pain but looks forward to every therapy session. His spine, once constricted by pain, is straight again. It’s a transformation that stands as a testament to our commitment to individualized care and therapy guided by patient comfort. Robert’s story is a true success, reflecting the power of physical therapy to reclaim lives.
Donna’s Transformation: From Chronic Pain to Empowered Living
Experience the inspiring journey of Stephanie Wilkes, who triumphed over debilitating lower back pain with the help of Next Level Physical Therapy. Learn how Dr. Wong’s uMeet Donna Garcia, a 54-year-old patient who came to Next Level Physical Therapy after years of excruciating pain and countless treatments. After just three weeks of MPS therapy with Dr. Jack, Donna experienced a dramatic transformation. Not only has she found relief from pain that once ruled her life, but she now sleeps well, moves freely, and can function daily. Donna’s incredible journey is a testament to the life-changing power of holistic physical therapy. Like Donna, you too can rewrite your story with Next Level Physical Therapy.nique, personalized therapy method empowered Stephanie to regain her fitness lifestyle. Dive into her success story to understand the potential of specialized physical therapy.

Patient Success Stories and Reviews: Our Commitment to Exceptional Care

George McKinleyGeorge McKinley
00:15 14 Sep 23
I have been very impressed and happy with the 8 weeks of physical therapy I have received from Next Level Physical Therapy. There is no doubt that their techniques and what they showed me have improved significantly my ability to recover from total knee replacement. For proof of this statement I can tell anyone that I am back to playing tennis again at a reasonable level in just 9 weeks since the surgery.
Jim McCroskyJim McCrosky
16:09 10 Sep 23
Dr. Wong is very attentive to your particular needs.I like the one on one treatment. Much better than other physical therapy methods that other places use. I would highly recommend Dr. Wong’s Next Level PT.
Denise StewartDenise Stewart
17:07 01 Sep 23
Awesome experience. My son enjoyed his time at PT and always looked forward to his appointments.
Harvey LouderbackHarvey Louderback
16:21 14 Aug 23
I had a partial knee replacement on 6/19 and started PT two days later with DrWongAfter six weeks I am very pleased that I have resumed all my normal activities including golfI credit Dr Wong with helping make this possible. Harvey Louderback
Skylar SuggittSkylar Suggitt
15:23 01 Aug 23
Dr. Wong and Katrina clearly care about their work and ensuring that you get better. As a pole vaulter in track and field who had never been injured before, these two helped me recover just in time for season. The whole office was extremely helpful and friendly during my visits. Overall great experience at Next Level Physical Therapy!
Leona BehrLeona Behr
14:07 14 Jun 23
Dr Wong is an excellent Physical Therapist!!I visited Dr Wong after back surgery. I had pain in my right sciatica area. Dr Wong prescribed exercises for me to do at home. It helped that he recorded my doing the exercises in case I needed to review. I did!! He is an educator in that he explains why and how the exercises work or what is causing the problem. He used acupuncture machine to help with pain. I am free of pain and know the exercises I need to do to build strong muscles and strengthen my core. I appreciate that his focus is older adults?over 50. I was impressed with his education in chronic pain and physical therapy and acupuncture! June 14, 2023
Sydney HamiltonSydney Hamilton
01:44 27 Apr 23
Dr. Wong spoke at my gym one day and I found his talk very informative. Being a bit elderly and trying to avoid having surgery for broken down parts, I learned that there are ways to use exercise to heal, not just add muscle. Dr. Wong has helped me to strengthen the right muscles and alleviate pain. He listens and explains things in a way you can take what you learn home and continue on the path to wellness. I suggest if you have pain or if you are tired of working out and getting more broken, you should see Dr. Wong. He can offer you relief and help.

Your journey is our inspiration

If Next Level Aging and Wellness has been a part of your success, we’d love to hear from you. By sharing, you might just become the beacon of hope for someone else.

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