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Introducing The Next Level Physical Therapy Team:

Dr. Jack Wong

Owner | PT, DPT

Dr. Jack Wong is the owner and founder of Next Level Physical Therapy and has been helping people stay active, healthy and mobile since 2012. He is the author of the bestselling book Aging Stronger and received his Doctorate Of Physical Therapy from Touro College.

Next Level Physical Therapy was founded by Dr. Jack Wong to help clients achieve active and healthy lives and prevent them from the downward spiral of frequent doctor visits, hospitalizations, surgery and dependence on pain medications. Using a combination of mindfulness and body awareness, Next Level Physical Therapy has created a holistic and innovative approach to physical therapy and personalized fitness & health promotion to provide a one-stop clinic to help you stay active and independent.

Dr. Wong specializes in helping people aged 40+ become independent by promoting healthy habits that improve mobility and reduce pain levels. After observing many patients not making significant improvements under the traditional medical care system, Dr. Wong decided to open a clinic where he could revolutionize physical therapy and health & wellness treatment methods.

Dr. Wong has gained recognition in the Houston community as a leading specialist Physical Therapist and the Next Level Physical Therapy Team is recognized as one of the best Health & Wellness Clinics in the Houston area.​



Marketing Assistant

Born and raised in Texas, Ryan moved to Houston in July 2009 from the small (at the time) town of Brenham. He is a storyteller through and through, and when he isn’t telling the story of Next Level Physical Therapy he is probably listening to a podcast or buried in a book somewhere. Growing up he was an avid reader, technology enthusiast, writer, gamer, musician, camera man, adventurer, and bard. Nowadays he lives on the Northside of Houston with his family; his wife, Ana, and their four children. When you stop in the clinic, don’t forget to ask him about coffee or comics if you have a few hours to waste. Or give him a snack and he will probably go away (disclaimer: We don’t encourage feeding the staff).