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I love the approach Dr. Wong takes to help us regain strength and movement! Dr. Wong doesn’t just treat one problem area, he treats the body as one unit that is continuously working together in unison as a whole. Dr.Wong puts out a vibe that makes you feel he truly cares about each person he works with. Thank you Dr. Wong and your great staff!



My most successful physical therapy experience has been with Dr. Wong. His advanced knowledge and individual therapy has assisted me to learn how to strengthen the muscles around the joints and to manage pain and increase mobility. I also appreciated the warm caring environment that he and his staff provided. Sandra


Sandra Chandler

Dr. Wong and his staff are top notch! He truly cares that you get results and knows the Ins and Outs of how to fix your pain points. I couldn’t finish a full round of golf because of shoulder pain, and now I can play 3 days straight.
Trust the process….
Thank you Dr. Wong!!!


Roman Randall

These people are AMAZING! Dr. Wong took his time and when over everything with me in detail! I was very impressed with him. He and his staff are incredible people! Definitely would go back again!


Teresa Holbert

After going to a Chiropractor for two weeks, I had no progress dealing with my sciatic nerve problems. My Daughter set me up an appointment with Dr. Wong and the first day I attended his practice, I realized I made the right choice. He explained to me what my problem was and told me that he had a remedy for me. He gave me three simple exercises that day to relieve my excruciating pain. Those three exercises was the beginning of the end of my sciatic nerve problems. With the additional exercises he gave me, I have learned to manage my sciatic nerve pain today. I am so grateful for Dr. Wong’s method and treatment 🙂


Allen Boutte

Dr.Wong and his staff are friendly and competent! Dr. Wong is extremely knowledgeable and does a great job explaining and demonstrating the exercises, checking for understanding, and answering questions. He often uses my cell to record me going through the exercises which I find very helpful. His office hours are extensive which makes it easy to schedule appointments. I strongly recommend Next Level Therapy!


Kathy Boucher